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Digital Training at Othisi Training

Welcome to the future of fitness with Othisi Training's Digital Training service!

  • Virtual Personal Training, Real Results: Embrace the next generation of fitness – personal training made virtual. With our state-of-the-art programming app, your entire fitness journey seamlessly fits in the palm of your hand, combining convenience with excellence.

  • In-Person Consultation: Every transformative journey begins with understanding. Kick off your digital fitness adventure with an in-depth, in-person consultation with our adept trainers. Together, we'll delve into your health directive, paving the path for a customized digital training program.

  • 12-Week Phase Programming: Mirroring the essence of our on-site training, our digital service is built on a structured 12-week phase system, emphasizing progressive overloading. This ensures continuous, systematic improvement, making every week count. Tailored to your unique environment and the equipment you have on hand, we'll ensure your fitness routine remains both challenging and achievable, no matter where you are.

  • Your Digital Fitness Companion: Our partnered app isn't just another fitness tool; it's your comprehensive digital companion. Navigate through your workouts with visual guidance, ensuring you nail every technique. Log your weights, repetitions, and keep an eye on your personal records to track your journey's growth. The interactive platform also facilitates real-time feedback, allowing our trainers to fine-tune your program.

  • Feedback and Evolution: We believe in a dynamic approach to fitness. As you journey through the phases, your feedback becomes the cornerstone for refining and optimizing your program. Your growth, challenges, and achievements shape the journey ahead.

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