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Truly private personal training.

Using a success roadmap created and designed by you and a professional trainer, you will be lead through a highly individualized program that cycles every 12 weeks to help you step closer to the goals you are looking to achieve. Utilizing our pods, identical fitness rooms, there will be no need to share or wait for equipment, allowing your 60-minute session to go uninterrupted and stay on track.  


Why go it alone.

Following the footpath of the personal training service, you and up to 3 others of will share the hour while working through your own personalized programs utilizing our 4-stationed rig. Our certified personal trainers will ensure each individual has the same quality touch during their sessions as one would experience in a one-on-one environment.

Cross Fit Class
Personal Trainer


Convenient programming in the palm of your hand.

After you and one of our personal trainers establish your health directive with an in person consultation, you will receive weekly programming accommodating your equipment accessibility. Utilizing our partnered phone app you'll be able to work through your programs with visual assistance, record your weights and repetitions, track personal records for growth, give feedback, and more.  

Digital Training


Fuel your goals.

Whether it's education and guidance or accountability and habit building,  our team will take your current nutritional foundation to the next level through arming you with the tools to be free from the headaches of numbers and measurements and teach you how to create a healthy relationship with how you fuel your body.

Cooking Eggs
Nutritional Training
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